Pool maintenance and troubleshooting is a job for professionals. Blue Water Pools of Freeport has the largest service team with the most experience in Grand Bahama. Call us, and we can have a technician at your pool within 4 hours. But if you simply want information about basic pool care and safety, here are answers to some of the more common questions our service department frequently receives.

Q: How can I make my older pool a safer pool?
Q: Is there a temporary or removable fence product that can protect my children, family and friends?
Q: What are the advantages of installing modern pumps in my pool’s system?
Q: What are the advantages of an Automatic Safety Cover?
Q: Does Blue Water Pools of Freeport provide safety products for my pool area?
Q: How long will it take to heat my pool once I turn the heater on?
Q: Our eyes are stinging after we swim. Is this too much chlorine?
Q: My pool/spa sometimes smells like Chlorine. Can this be corrected?
Q: The surface of our pool has become rough over time. Is there a solution?
Q: My pool seems to lose/use water every day, what is normal and why?
Q: My pool is suddenly losing water fast, what should I do?
Q: My pool is running 24-hours per day, 7-days per week. Is this best?
Q: My pool/spa is not equipped with a computer system. Can one be installed?
Q: My pool has beautiful natural slate tile, but their appearance has faded?
Q: I’ve heard about “three layers of protection” for my swimming pool/spa. What are they?
Q: Can a pool be made deeper, shallower, longer, a different color or shape?
Q: The pool deck I have is uneven and unsightly. Can this be improved?
Q: My pool/spa equipment is located outside and we don’t like to waste the yard space. Can equipment be relocated to another area of our property?
Q: Can I install an automated cover on my existing swimming pool?
Q: What is your service area?
Q: What is the average size of a backyard swimming pool?
Q: What is the cost of a swimming pool?


“Blue Water Pools of Freeport designed and built my pool in the early months of 2011. I checked out other pool companies before making a decision. Unlike the other companies, Mr. Garth Mclntosh and Atyia visited my home… Blue Water Pools came prepared for action… I was told when they would begin and when they would finish and they stuck to it. No surprises. Blue Water Pools also service my pool once a week and the staff is on time and does a great job. I can recommend them most highly.”

– Karen Clarke, Freeport, G.B., The Bahamas